Bumcello :: Cyril Atef & Vincent Ségal


Nude for Love

CYRIL ATEF : drums, percussions, santur, steel drum, TR 808 on OVER NOW, melodica and lead vocals.
VINCENT SEGAL : electric and acoustic cello, bass, guitar, fender rhodes, ritchak, kass-kass, lead vocal on SARAREVE.

Additional musicians:
- Manou N' Guessan : vocal on DEATH IN BREST.
- Jean-Claude Ghrenassia : bass on DEATH IN BREST.
- Mathieu Chédid : guitar on DEATH IN BREST.
- Sébastien Martel : guitar on DEATH IN BREST.
- Lateef the truth speaker : vocal on BEAUTIFUL YOU
- Gift of Gab : vocal on BEAUTIFUL YOU - Gift Of Gab from Blackalicious appears courtesy of MCA Records.
- Joyo & Bear : background vocals on BEAUTIFUL YOU
- LOLA KHATIRA : background vocal on "IN THE NUDE FOR LOVE"
- "SanXe" aka-Oswami Bin Loveji : intro vocals on "AFRICA DANCE STAR N°1".

Produced, composed and arranged by BUMCELLO except :
- IN THE NUDE FOR LOVE composed by Vic Moan.
- BEAUTIFUL YOU Produced by Chief Xcel, Composed by V. Segal, C. Atef, X.Mosley, T. Parker, L. Daumont, Lyrics By Lateef The Truthspeaker and The Gift of Gab, Recorded by Chief Xcel at Accompong Compound, Sacramento CA USA, Mixed by The Count & Chief Xcel at Toast Studios. San Francisco CA USA -Theme from "El Choclo" Public Property.

Engineered and mixed by Jean-Pierre Sluys
Recorded at Studio Cirta, Studio Acousti assisted by Frédéric Commault & Julien Gagliardi and Studio Ferber assisted by Benjamin Joubert & Jeff Jinouves (october-december 2001). Mixed at Studio +XXX assisted by Mickael Rangeard, Sylvain Carpentier & Nino (january 2002). Mastered by JC and Cédric at Translab (february 2002).
This record is sample free

© Tôt ou Tard / Warner

Big up to :
Jean-Pierre Sluys, Vincent Frèrebeau, Ingrid, Anne-Marie, Katherine and all at tôt Ou tard, Eric and Manu from Comet Records, Olive Lude, Tof, Mat + Céline, Stéphanie Tourret, Vincent Idez, SEB MARTEL, Jean-Claude Ghrenassia, Barmak Akram, Olivier Roubert and Dario Daoud, Sam Rousselier, Jean-Pierre Courbaise and Benjamin Levaux, Segal Family, Atef-Nkouenjin Family, Hervé Cavelier, Jean -Marc Apap, Giulia Mutamassik, SanXe, Olivier Poubelle, Wilma, Xavier and everybody at Asterios Productions, Habib Achour, Vic Moan, RV Clery, Anaïs Prosaïc, the bumcello.com website girls and boys, Blackalicious, Lateef, Latryx, Joyo, Bear and all at Quannum Projects, Shalom, Bernardo Montet, Agnès B, Louis Morel l'Horset, Marie-Hélène Vignes, Bruno Letort, Loy Ehrlich, Karim Ziad and Essaouira City, Mâalem Omar Hayat, Mama Ohandja, Jacques Denis, Yves Robert, Thierry Lefebure, Julie from the Batofar, DJ Mehdi, 113, Karlito and Mafia K1' FRI, Célia Ayneto, Francis Dordor, Piers Facini for the painting oil on canvas, bronze head Benin 1998, Philippe Zdar.

Les paroles de "Nude for Love":


From the darkness of the never world
Girl I see ya
Believe ya
In your interpretation of what
I'm breathing, believin'
And tr to manifest
In this crazy mess
Under reality just
Without guiltiness
Cause i know u're there
til im leaving
And there ain't no need for no grieving
And no time for no regrets neither
See it
do it
Love it
Don't leave it
Carry it around with you in little pieces
Your soul releases
when chillin'
with your peeps
And sharing your theories
Of the universe species
That u didn't do for no class
at least that's not specifically
u gotta tell'em like Jesus
It's all for the Kingdom of God
In which we're just
Humble subjects
Regardless of features
Different conjurings
Of creatures
And all of us that life live the leaders
Love the eloquence of a concept proceed
Proceeded only by a concept conceived
Love the eloquence of a concept proceed
Proceeded only by a concept conceived
Inhale the air
Behold the string apart
Trickling through the matter
From within it's coming out
Look the silent speech
Hear and follow the route
Tapping and let the pen and paper
Take the journey without you
Almost everything that's walking through this track with style
Quinces of the moment focus, sit and catchin' it while
Spinnin, growin, knowin, knowin, when you're graspin the now
Focus not if I'm growing slower faster than though
And crapped in the powerful counts of actual sound
After the sound of how drastically chased after the vowels
Capture profoundly accurately while he is handing it down
Standing and astounding as seeded question answers leap out
Keep how the moments bring you back to what I'm rapping about
Peep out a grain of pornographs with screenin naturally now
And composing everything dwelling and that it surround
Aloosefest the when but never really apses some how cause we're


Lose a feeling in the morning
Find a feeling in the night
Don’t you know there ain’t no warning
When it’s gone it’s out of sight
Everybody’s got a feeling
Even in a border town
Wash your finger before eating
Wash it wash it wash it down
I’m in the nude for love…
Saw my baby in the garden
Standing by a bowl of fruit
She was pretty as a picture
And the picture sure was cute
Saw you in a still life baby
With the apples and the pears
I just had to take your picture
Now I see it everywhere
I’ve never seen you with your cast off
So take your cast off
And we can blast off
I’ve never seen you with your cast off
So break the plaster and meet your master
Found a lover in the summer
Lost a lover in the fall
Winter came and I was sleeping
With my feet out in the hall
Saw you on the TV mama
You were kissing my best friend
Sorry that I fell asleep
I hope it had a happy end
I’m in the nude for love…


This groove is for you people CHECK IT OUT
We got to move our bones CHECK IT OUT
The sea of love is comin' CHECK IT OUT
I want you now CHECK IT OUTListening to the inner ear, we got to, we have to, rock on, to of the burnin' pier
Get on, get on top, we gotta give the vitamin to the drummer so he don't stopThis beat is makin you wiggle and jiggle those feet and hands
I'm looking at you damn, I want to eat you like an innocent lamb
The drummer still rockin' and we're just clockin' to the tempo of the bodywave, and that's all right, it's ok, the bodywave, yeah it's ok


Money money make people crazy
Money money make people wicked
Money money make people happy
Money money make people horny


Can't take it no longer with this fighting
See the flower die while the cactus is rising
Conflicts come so fast and peace is always waiting
Stress the city streets, cus and beat your woman crying
Trying to overcome the roots of badness is growing
People chant out loud, people shout it loud, louderOver now
Love is here for now
Over now
War is over now
We're so different and though so close don't forget that
Tolerance is the key aspiring to be human
Rudiments of our lives, learn something every day
Stop the fuss and fight, love will pave us the way


Dis moi pourquoi
Ta bouche carminée folâtre
Dis moi pourquoi
De ton mouchoir le rouge tu gâtes
Revez sarah
Insoumise à l'aléa
Des amours d'hier


I'm a blind fish
Just a young one
Feel like startin' something new
Listening to my friends last night
A seashell telling me secret stories
about the underwater city
metropolis of the very deep
I'm ready and fit, in a flurry of fitness
No horizon will ever stop this
Seahorse will guide me to this place
On the way, I bump into my friend José
He tells me my scales are chipping off, brand new skin shining
I'm the blind fish
Roaming in deep seas
Hundred thousand friends
And some freaky enemies
Floating into town
Coral bar is open
Something really new
Something real extraordinary
I ask José will you ride with me?
Of course, he says, I'm the first degree fire cracker fish dog homie you see
I'm the leader that can't get lost, I'll show you around young one,
Follow me, come with me to the bottom of this artificial sea
So I glide and I slide, my innocence running
Surprise, I smash my face into a glass wall
My friend tells me to visualize us stuck in box big and tall
say José you're deep in delirium, oh no he replies
We're living in an aquarium

Nude for Love